Donelson Diary

Interesting Intimate Items of Donelson's Daily Developments

Donelson, Davidson County, Tennessee

“Noslenod” Chosen Day Camp Name

[Originally published on June 20, 1946 - this day camp was on the grounds of Bluefields' Swiss Farm Dairy]


After selecting the name “Noslenod” for the camp Monday to highlight the opening day, approximately 65 Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Brownies have been enjoying this week Donelson’s first annual Day Camp on the grounds behind the Swiss Farm Dairy. 

The name “Noslenod” won over two other selections after it was explained it was “Donelson” spelled backwards.

A total of 25 Cub Scouts, 23 Brownies and 10 Girl Scouts were on hand for the opening day and several others, most of whom have been on vacations, are expected to swell the regular total to around 65.

Competition Between Units

Competition between the units – Blue Sky for the Brownies, Shabonnda for the Girl Scouts and Red Cloud for the Cubs – will heighten the interest as the Day Camp progresses under the leadership of Miss Betty Niles, of St. Loluis.

The [Scouts] dyed scarfs Monday and moved along to weaving and leathercraft yesterday. The Brownies and Cubs also cooked their lunches out-of-doors yesterday.

The Girl Scouts are planning a cycling hike for Wednesday.

The program each day is opened with a flag-raising ceremony and is closed with hauling the flag down. The units also sing songs of their own composition.

Meets Three Days Each Week

The Camp meets from a.m. to 3 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The Camp will close July 12.

An umbrella to protect the lifeguards, Mrs. Henry Boehne and Mrs. W. H. Ward, from the sun at the swimming pool is badly needed. Anyone wishing to loan a sun umbrella is asked to call 201-J.

The staff workers include: two units of Brownies – Mrs. W. H. Scott, Mrs. Malcolm Hogan, Mrs. W. L. Robertson and Mrs. H. G. Holmes; Intermediate Girl Scouts – Mrs. Thomas Blaney, Mrs. Arthur Jones, Mrs. Harry Fuqua, Mrs. J.M. DeVoe, Mrs. H. G. Holmes and Mrs. Miles Ezell; Cub Scouts – Mrs. W. D. Hardison, Mrs. Gilbert S. Merritt, Mrs. E. T. Billings, Mrs. E. C. Startup and Mrs. Scott; life-guards – Mrs. Henry Boehne and Mrs. W. H. Ward; wood-carving – Charles Liggett; weaving – Mrs. W. D. Hardison.