Donelson Diary

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Donelson, Davidson County, Tennessee

Ford Reduces All Model Prices

In an effort to halt the "insane spiral of mounting costs and rising prices," Henry Ford II, president of the Ford Motor Company, the past week announced a reduction in price on all models of Ford cars, some up to $50 per car.

The price decrease was received locally by the Harwell-Miller Ford Motor Co. in a three page telegram last Thursday and the new prices immediately placed in effect. For example, the Tudor Super Deluxe 8 Sedan, just recently sold by Donelson Post 88 of the American Legion, will now cost you $1,380.39, delivered with standard equipment in Donelson.

In making the announcement of reduction Ford said further, "Although more than one million of our customers are waiting delivery of their cars at present prices, we are immediately reducing the price of every Ford car. This is a down payment toward a continued high level of production and employment in the months ahead. We believe that the shock treatment of prompt action is needed to halt the insane spiral of mounting costs and rising prices and to restore a sound base for the hopeful period of post-war production we are now entering."...

Referring to the Ford price reduction, Mr. Ford told the nation's press that the company made a modest profit for the last three months of 1946 and continued to operate in the black. The millions of dollars lost since V-J day had been accepted as an item of the cost of a great and victorious war.

"Because they must build up depleted cash reserves or because they are still losing money, many businesses may not be able to follow suit," Ford said, "but we hope that our suppliers, our employees and our other economic partners will back, each to his own ability, our attempt to return to the economic pattern which has helped to make America great...."