Donelson Diary

Interesting Intimate Items of Donelson's Daily Developments

Donelson, Davidson County, Tennessee

First Edition


This is the first issue off the press for a newspaper for Donelson and its surrounding community in the Eastern part of Davidson County. It is the first issue of many that are planned to follow throughout the years to come.

Merchants of Donelson, realizing their community was rapidly growing out of the village class and into a town, have in the majority long felt a publication of some type was needed to best advertise their businesses and promote the general welfare of the surrounding community. This edition and the ensuing ones it is hoped will fulfill that need. 


The publishers of the DIARY are newspapermen and women with proven records in their field behind them. Following service in the armed forces of the United States since World War II started, each has been recently discharged, moved to Donelson, and together they have opened the printing plant and newspaper office now located in the MacFarland Building, in the East end of Donelson on Lebanon Road, and are open for business for commercial printing as well as publication of the DIARY.


Staff Has Experience

Editing the DIARY will be Louis S. Clapper, more recently of St. Louis, a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, and prior to his entrance into the U. S. Navy, a sports and news writer for the Kansas City Journal-Post. Mr. Clapper was reared in a small town on the Iowa-Missouri line, received much practical experience on small newspapers in towns near his home before entering college and later the city newspaper field He is single and lives on Cumberland Circle. During War II [sic] he spent many months in the Pacific and Aleutian theatres as damage control officer aboard the U. S. S. Honolulu. He was discharged from the service last winter.

In charge of the mechanical department of the DIARY will be John L. Oliver, of Joplin, Missouri. Prior to serving with the U. S. Navy Seabee’s throughout the war, he worked on both rural and city newspapers throughout the middle-west and south. More recently he was employed by a New York construction company as superintendant and purchasing agent and at one time was located in Tennessee during the construction of Camp Campbell, at Clarksville, where he first learned to like this section of the South. Mr. Oliver’s tour of duty in the war led from New Guinea to the Phillippines, to Okinawa and finally with the Marines into China. He was discharged in March of this year. Mr. Oliver is a widower and lives on Cumberland Circle, where he will be joined by his 6-year-old son who is now completing his first year of school in Lebanon, Missouri.

Will Cover Community

The DIARY intends to carry as its news only such items as pertains to this immediate section of Davidson County. Its circulation will cover the approximately 3,500 homes in town and rural communities that shop and do their buying in Donelson stores. It will be sent free of charge to each box holder on the mail routes for the coming two months or until such time as the readers feel they are liking and want such a paper to come regularly into their homes as the DIARY hopes to be. A yearly subscription rate will be set at that time.

The advertising columns of the DIARY will be open to all merchants in Donelson, but will not carry any outside advertising that will conflict in any way with the merchandise offered by the local stores.

Every effort is being made to install a telephone at the DIARY office but due to current shortages of critical materials, the company handling Donelson has been unable to supply a phone as yet. Until one is installed, patrons having any news items are requested to stop by the office and give them to any of the staff that are in the office.

Send in News

Residents of the rural communities who wish their news printed may contact any of the following community correspondents who will be glad to take their items. These correspondents are Mrs. Thomas Hager covering the Dodson Chapel area; Mrs. Bennie Bright covering the Central Pike news; Mrs. Earl Hooper for the Baker’s Grove community; Mrs. Stella Baker for the Sandersville Road section; and Mrs. A. A. Andrews for the Una community.

The publishers hope that you will like this first issue, but they are also welcoming any criticism that you might have, or suggestions for continually bettering the publication so it may best serve the people in this area. Expressions of praise and good will are, of course, always welcome and will serve to make the publishers extend every effort to bring you a good weekly newspaper to your home every Friday morning.