Donelson Diary

Interesting Intimate Items of Donelson's Daily Developments

Donelson, Davidson County, Tennessee

First Edition


This is the first issue off the press for a newspaper for Donelson and its surrounding community in the Eastern part of Davidson County. It is the first issue of many that are planned to follow throughout the years to come.

Merchants of Donelson, realizing their community was rapidly growing out of the village class and into a town, have in the majority long felt a publication of some type was needed to best advertise their businesses and promote the general welfare of the surrounding community. This edition and the ensuing ones it is hoped will fulfill that need. 

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Zoning Plan for Donelson May Change


Discussion of present zoning restrictions started in April when Henry L. King, a resident on the Old Lebanon Road, purchased several used cars, parked them on the front lawn of his residence and offered them for sale….

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No Ads Were Intended For This First Edition

It was the intention of the publishers of the DIARY to accept no advertising for this first issue of the paper, mainly because it was felt the businesses would not understand just what they were buying. However, those firms represented in our columns this week were insistent that they buy space because they realized the advantages of advertising their products and would not accept ‘no’ for an answer.

The publishers apologize to those who were refused but their time will come in the future editions scheduled each Thursday afternoon.

Jane Dunlap Wins State Poem Award

State-wide honor came to Jane Dunlap, 17 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Dunlap, of Cumberland Circle, as she was awarded first place among high school students in Tennessee for writing the best poem for the 15th annual State Poetry Contest sponsored each year by the Tennessee Federation of Women’s Clubs…..

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Doctor Takes Own Life Here

Funeral services for Dr. Joseph Clayton Wood, who was preparing to open an office in the Stanford Guill building in Donelson, were held Saturday at 2:30 p.m. in the Marshall Funeral Home in Nashville. Dr. John B. Cowden officiated.

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Final Rites Read for Mrs. Dodson

Funeral services for Mrs. Dixie Petty Dodson, wife of W. D. Dodson, of Overhill Drive, were held Monday afternoon at the Andrew Price Memorial Methodist Church with Rev. Wilford C. Westenberger officiating.

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Church Notes

  • Church of the Nazarene – Paul V. Ridenhour, Minister
  • Donelson Baptist Church – Rev. Fred A. Tarpley
  • Baptist Church Picnic - The Young People’s Department of the Donelson Baptist Church will enjoy a picnic at Shelby Park Saturday afternoon…
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