Donelson Diary

Interesting Intimate Items of Donelson's Daily Developments

Volume 1 - Number 51

Donelson, Davidson County, Tennessee

8 May 1947

An Editorial

Donelson's Second Annual Horse Show, being sponsored June 10 at the High School Stadium, this year may again astound the skeptics who have pooh-poohed the magnitude of the affair. The Horse Show Committee is laying plans to accommodate 6300 visitors and if any near that number turns up Donelson will be hard pressed to handle them.

A group of "you've got to show me" skeptics expected little for last year's show but they reckoned without knowing of the horse lover's enthusiasm for the breed. Even before a late afternoon rain began, owners with trailers in tow began pulling through town. Then, despite the rain, the same skeptics were amazed to find cars parked on Lebanon Road and Stewart's Ferry Pike for nearly a mile in each direction and some 2500 people filling the stands. Now, if the Committee's hopes are realized, even the most hard-bitten skeptic should be convinced that the Horse Show is here to stay.

Donelson should benefit considerably from the Show. The net proceeds will be used for the betterment of the community. The cafes and drug stores should do a land-office business, especially during the lull between the afternoon and evening programs. Nearly every business, some indirectly, will benefit from the money the horse lovers will leave here. Donelson, in return, hopes to give them plenty of high-class entertainment.

Enthusiasm for the Tennessee Walking Horse is deeply rooted in a great many citizens. This particular breed was developed in this area, first as a means of transportation from new wilderness homes to commercial centers. Then, as estates and plantations evolved, the Walking Horse, with his easy-to-ride gait, became popular as a means of getting around to oversee work. The slow, easy gait of the Walking Horse is inbred and colts display this trait almost as soon as they can walk. With this sort of a background, it is small wonder that so many horse-lovers come to see the fine animals in a Show no matter what their occupation may now be.

There will be a big crowd in attendance at the Donelson Horse Show, make no mistake about that!

Society and Local News Items

Have New Daughter

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Phillips on Bluefield Avenue, who have a new daughter, born Monday morning at Vanderbilt Hospital.

Smith-Arnott Wedding Rites Solemnized Last Sunday

Miss Alice Louise Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker Smith, became the bride of Robert Lochhead Arnott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arnott of Brooklyn, New York, in a ceremony at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon, April 27, at the Andrew Price Memorial Methodist Church....

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An Editorial

Maintaining the policy that the DIARY, as a community newspaper, shall do everything in its power to promote the general welfare of the community which it serves, and whereas, the destruction of telephone cables by a party or parties unknown this week has jeopardized the safety and welfare of the community, the DIARY herewith adds the sum of $25 to the rewards already offered by the Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company, for the arrest and conviction of the party or parties unknown who committed this destruction.

The DIARY further calls upon the two civic organizations representing the population of Donelson --

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DDT Paint

Lower Lights

By Mary Alice Adams


With masses soft of snowy hair
With dear face lined by heavy care,
My Mother.
A weary child, my head found rest
Safe cradled there upon her breast,
my Mother.

Now older grown, my aching heart
Finds refuge there from pain and hurt, my Mother.
And Heaven itself, all pearl and gold,
Will lovlier be, because 'twill hold my Mother.

--Minnie E. Kennedy.

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Clem's Clippings

Unusual Items, None Expected To Be Read

Sometimes we're just plain flabber-gasted over our mistakes. If we ever put out a paper which doesn't have something wrong, Uncle Joe Stalin and General Marshall will likely kiss and make up. Here we're just an issue away from that first birthday and have carried one mistake all that time which it took a friend in New York to notice. We've never noticed it and no one has called it to our attention. The mistake was in the spelling of "developments" on the first page. We had an extra "E."

Some unusual things have been happening at Mrs. Blanche Torrence's. First, Louise Hulett had an accident. We don't know where Howard was but Louise was mowing the lawn in her sock feet and nearly managed to sever her big toe. And then Mrs. Torrence had trouble backing around in her car and tore up a mailbox. Finally, Howard's baby chicks apparently didn't know enough to get in out of the rain and they all almost drowned in one of our recent rains. Never a dull moment!

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